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Complete 9-Day Detox

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The Body TuneUp is Dr. Gosh’s Complete 9-Day Detox.

The Body TuneUp’s 3-in-1 Formula helps to cleanse your body of toxins, including your stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, urinary tract, small intestine and colon, eliminating years of accumulated parasites, amoebas, bacteria, intestinal fungi and fecal matter, for a complete, effective and natural detox.

As you detox:

  • You improve your nutrition, digestion and metabolism, helping you to maintain an excellent physical and mental health;
  • You cleanse your body of toxins, helping you to maintain a healthy weight and improve the quality of your hair, nails and skin;
  • And you protect your intestinal flora, helping you to strengthen your immune system and alkaline pH.

Detox in 9 days without the side effects of laxatives and conventional products.

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