The 4 Health Pillars

Your health is under your control.

Everyday you decide the quality of health that you have.

Use the 4 health pillars to take control of your health today!

What are the 4 health pillars?
Pillar #1 — Digestive detoxes
Digestive detoxes

Regardless of how much care you take of yourself, your body still accumulates toxins via:

  • Food (meals, drinks, alcohol…)
  • The products that you use daily (deodorants, lotions, creams…)
  • The products you ingest (pills, supplements, chemicals…)
  • And environmental pollution on land, water and air
Daily products and your skin

These accumulated toxins generate problems that include: digestive problems, skin problems, hair loss, allergies and chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.

When you cleanse your body of these toxins:

  • You look and feel better
  • You take care of your body and your vital organs
  • You improve the functioning of your digestive system (digestion, nutrition and metabolism)
  • And you improve the quality of your life!

Digestive detoxes are essential for an excellent physical and mental health for life.

Start today your digestive detox with Dr. Gosh’s natural tea Body TuneUp.

Body TuneUp is the easiest and healthiest way to eliminate toxins in just 9 days!

In addition to detoxing your body, the Body TuneUp includes Dr. Gosh’s Nutritional Menu to improve your nutrition and daily habits (Pillar #2 & Pillar #4)!

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Pillar #2 — Nutrition

Your nutrition is something that you can improve everyday—meal by meal.

The key to nutrition is to make positive changes that you can make with ease and that you can improve over time.

Don’t make temporary diets that end up affecting your health and making you gain weight.

All our teas come with a nutritional plan that is easy to adapt to your daily lifestyle!

Pillar #3 — Physical activity
Physical activity

Physical activity, like nutrition and detoxes, is based on habits (or routine).

To maintain an active life, the most important thing is to create a routine that you can do with ease.

The reason many people find it difficult to exercise is because they begin with difficult routines and end up frustrated, injured, and stop.

The key to exercise in your life is to create a routine that you feel good about and that you can improve over time.

Pillar #4 — Daily habits
Positive habits

Rest is important for good health.

And just like rest, your daily habits determine the quality of your health and life.

Positive health habits include: detoxes, nutrition, physical activity, drinking water in the morning, stretching, meditating, healthy fasting, reading and sharing quality time with important people in your life.

Cultivate a life of positive habits that supports all areas of your life, including your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Improving your health will improve your relationships, finances and happiness!

So, how do I start?
Step #1 — Detox

Detox your body in 9 days with Dr. Gosh’s Body TuneUp. Eliminate years of accumulated toxins, improve your digestive system and take care of your health!

For a limited time… the Body TuneUp also includes Dr. Gosh’s Nutritional Menu to eat healthy during the 9 days and for a lifetime!

Step #2 — Improve your nutrition

In general, you want to eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, white meats and avoid sugars, dairy, fried foods, white flours and processed foods.

It’s important that you create a plan that works for your lifestyle and is flexible enough to maintain and improve over time.

Dr. Gosh’s Nutritional Menu will be your best guide to improve your nutrition!

Good nutrition and good hydration
Step #3 — Improve your physical activity

Your weight depends more on detoxes and your nutrition than on your physical activity.

Exercise gives you the time and energy to maximize your daily life and accomplish your goals!

Remember… the key to exercise in your life is to create a routine that you feel good about, and over time improve it.

Active lifestyle
Step #4 — Create positive habits

Cultivating positive daily habits is essential to your health, relationships, finances and happiness.

Habits accumulate and you get to see the negative or positive effects over time.

The secret to the life you want is to adopt the positive habits that will lead you to the life you desire!

Start today!

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