The Truth About Exercise & Your Weight

How many times have you heard the advice of “exercise to lose weight”?

But does it work? Not necessarily.

The reality is that…

Your weight depends much more on what you eat and your body’s ability to process this food.

Good digestion for good nutrition
The first step to lose weight is NOT...

A gym membership.

The first step to lose weight is to detoxify your digestive system so you can digest what you eat.

Once you detoxify your digestive system...

The next step is to improve your nutrition and exercise.

Healthy food and physical activity
The steps (in order)…
#1 The first step is to detox your body, lose weight naturally and improve your metabolism...

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#2 The second step is to improve your nutrition...
Good nutrition and money savings

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In general, you want to eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, white meats and avoid sugars, dairy, fried foods, white flours and processed foods.

It’s important that you create a plan that works for your lifestyle and is flexible enough to maintain and improve over time.

#3 The third step is to improve your physical activity...
Morning exercise

Exercise will give you the time and energy to maximize your daily life and accomplish your goals!

Remember… the most important thing is to create an easy routine and improve it slowly over time.

#4 The fourth step is to create healthy habits...
Positive habits for a better life

Creating positive habits is essential for growth in your life.

Habits accumulate and you get to see the negative or positive effects over time.

The secret to creating the life that you want is to adopt the habits that will lead you to your goals!

Start today!

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