How to Lose Weight, Detox & Eat Good

Losing weight can be easy and permanent.

With a healthy weight you look better, you feel better, and you get to take care of the most important area of your life—your health.

Identify what being overweight is, how it works and what you can do to fix it forever.

Being overweight = Fluid retention...

Being overweight is the retention of toxins, fats, wastes and fluids that your body accumulates over time.

Digestive detoxes
How do these liquids accumulate?

The body accumulates these fluids through food, the environment and the products you use daily.

Your food, your breathing and your skin.

Daily products and your skin
Your body retains these fluids for several reasons...

Because your body isn’t able to process and remove all these toxins accumulated for years…

Or for natural reasons, health conditions and daily factors in your life.

Fluid retention affects all areas of your health...

Your metabolism works slow, your digestive organs have difficulty processing what you eat, and the nutrients in the food aren’t able to reach where your body needs them.

This generates all kinds of problems in your health, apart from being overweight.

Consequences for not taking care of health
Despite all of this, your body takes care of you...

For many years without a major problem.

The health problem of obesity

But your health slowly deteriorates and begins to affect all other areas in your life…

Your relationships, your finances and your happiness…

The good thing is that you do have control over your health...

You can take care of your body today so that your body will take care of you tomorrow.

You can help your body get rid of these retained fluids to maintain a healthy weight.

And you can start today...
Step #1 — Detox, lose weight and improve your metabolism...

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Step #2 — Improve your nutrition...
Good nutrition and money savings

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In general, you want to eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, white meats and avoid sugars, dairy, fried foods, white flours and processed foods.

It’s important that you create a plan that works for your lifestyle and is flexible enough to maintain and improve over time.

Step #3 — Improve your physical activity...
Morning exercise

Exercise will help you with weight loss and improving your health.

However, exercise is not the key to losing weight.

The most important steps to lose weight and improve your health are:

(1) To detox your digestive system,

(2) To remove toxins, fats and retained liquids,

(3) To improve your metabolism,

(4) And to improve your nutrition.

What exercise does it to give you the time and energy to maximize your daily life and accomplish your goals!

Step #4 — Create positive habits...
Positive habits for a better life

Cultivating positive daily habits is essential to your personal growth in your life.


Habits accumulate and you get to see the negative or positive effects over time.

The secret to creating the life that you want is to adapt the correct habits starting today!

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